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C ampaign
A gainst
N uclear
S torage
A nd
R adiation
CANSAR: Formed: May 2000 in response to news of plans to increase discharge of Nuclear Waste into the river Tamar by 700% and to store up to 26 Nuclear Reactor Compartments
 from redundant submarines on land in the centre of Plymouth.
COMMITTEE : Small resident based committee formerly of Keyham Residents Against Air Pollution who ran a successful campaign against S W Water and Devonport Royal Dockyard.

CANSAR MEMBERSHIP: We have a loosely structured membership so that each area or district of Plymouth and S E Cornwall can run its own CANSAR CELL, and we have a 
good cross section of people.
Forged links with other groups such as WDC, Greenpeace, CND, Green Party, DIG, NTS, Nuclear Free Local Authorities etc.
 Mounted Legal Challenge to:
Stop the EA from issuing license to DML to increase 
Tritium discharge into river Tamar by 700%.• To force ‘Justification’ onto DML / MoD.• Protect the Human Rights of local people and the next generation.
Holding regular committee meetings. 
Working with the media to raise public awareness:
BBC ‘Close Up’- 30 th Nov’ BBC ‘File on 4’ 3rd Dec’. Plus local TV / Radio stations and local press.
Speaking to other residents groups starting new CANSAR cells. CANCER: we are trying to research cancer statistics to 
be able to prove that Plymouth is already a cancer ‘black spot’.
If you would like to become involved please phone or


The Threat: (Copy of letter circulated to newspapers that they won’t print)
• Nuclear Waste being discharged into the river. (Tritium and Cobalt 60 plus other radionuclides)
• Nuclear Waste being discharged into the air over the city. (Carbon 14 and Argon 41plus other beta/gamma particulates)
• The risk of a nuclear accident — only 80:1
• Old redundant nuclear submarines laid up at the dockside
• A plan to store up to 26 used nuclear reactors on land in the centre of the city.
Another Russian or Eastern bloc story? NO!
This is a UK city of 270,000 people, a holiday resort.

This is the story of Plymouth our Plymouth.
Devonport Management Limited (DML) has just applied to the Environmental Agency to increase the amount of Tritium that it discharges into the river Tamar by
Tritium is a particularly dirty piece of work, which if it enters the human body at a cellular level is known to react with the DNA and cause mutation of that DNA. This can lead to birth defects or exotic forms of cancer.

Nuclear experts acknowledge that there is no safe dose of radiation, and the only safe way of 
dealing with the radiation industry is to carry out its activities in an area remote from human population.
In Plymouth it’s all happening in the centre of the city. We have a small resident based pressure group called CANSAR Campaign Against Nuclear Storage And Radiation.

CANSAR have formed links with Greenpeace, CND,WDC, Green Party, Nuclear Information Service and more.
There is one thing that we should stress and that is that we are not against the servicing of nuclear submarines, we are only concerned with the Health and Safety of the people of Plymouth and S E Cornwall.
We are not a threat to dockyard jobs!
A report in the Evening Herald on Monday 2nd of October quoted a DML spokesman as saying that Nuclear Waste being discharged into the Tamar was a "small price to pay" for having the submarine refits etc in Devonport Dockyard - Later denied/retracted.
CANSAR says: A small price to pay by whom and how many?
How many children with leukemia is a small price?

CANSAR has begun legal proceedings to try to stop DML (Brown and Roots an
American company) from increasing the amount of Tritium that it discharges into the
Tamar by 700%. So far we have spent £1200 on lawyers, we see this as an act of
faith on behalf of the local population and their children/grandchildren.
To date we have received donations for just over two hundred pounds, and the WDC
have offered to pay half, so we have to appeal for funds.

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